DNoTrack is smart ad-blocking software

Whether you are a responsible parent worried that ads will get your kid tricked into a series of bad buying decisions or a working adult who cannot get a single task done online without being distracted by those ever-present pop-ups, you are sure to benefit from our intelligent DNoTrack browser extension.


Completely ad-free Internet browsing.

Smooth and uninterrupted

Smooth and uninterrupted use of social media sites.


Trackers, spams, and scams are disabled promptly.


Fast page uploading time.


Adjustable settings and ad-blocking filters.


100% safety of your personal information.

Smart ad-blocking software

This smart ad-blocking software is free and safe to use and does not require any registration to install. Being a convenient extension to your favorite browser, it will work discreetly in the background, protecting you from annoying ads and making your web-surfing a much more enjoyable experience.

Customizable user experience

No need to be a tech geek to find your way around the free DNoTrack browser extension. The setup process is as simple as one can be and only takes a few minutes to complete. Afterward, you will be able to tailor the use of the program to fit your individual needs and requirements:

Сhoose the sites that are trustworthy and allowed to run ads

Indicate those that need to be ignored entirely

Grant yourself access to specific resources, even if the DNoTrack ad blocker deems them a threat

Keeping our users safe is a priority

We would never compromise the confidentiality of your private information or violate your trust. That is why, when working with our extension, you can be sure that your details are fully protected. Thanks to the smart data encryption system, our servers do not collect or store any identifiable or sensitive information about our users beyond general technical data. Put your mind at ease by reading our Privacy Policy and End-user license agreement.

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